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What is the best URL structure for local SEO website target keyword web page?

If that’s the question you asked from Google, you found this page on the first page of Google UK and laned here.

See the URL structure I have given to this web page!

What is the structure of a URL?


The keyword is focused and closer to the root domain. In this case, this is a blog post. However if you want to know the best URL structure that get’s the optimal SEO advantages, Google search for keywords like “seo consultant London” or “Facebook Advertising consultant” or even “ppc consultant london” and see how the ClickDo.co.uk pages that rank are having the URL structure.

What do you notice?

All having the core keyword on the domain!

Now if you are starting a brand new website for a local business. Then try to get the domain with the city name on it’s URL as it really helps to get after ranks in your location where the business is operating.

Check this domain name > https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk which goes after the keywords like “end of tenancy london” , “end of tenancy cleaning london” and having the keywords + the word London gives a better advantage for this website as a local cleaning company websites that rank in London.

It’s not always possible to get the domain name with the keyword in it. because chances are someone could have taken in before you.

In that case, what should you do?

Get the Local target keyword on the URL structure.

Now go Google search for “office clearance London”


See how our my clients’ Junk Hunters website URL structure looks! Now that’s going really hard with the keyword focus. But keep in mind in these case you must watch out when doing the backlinks. **You will see how I do the backlinks if you have got the Local SEO blueprint. Where I have shown how to build backlinks to local business website pages.


Above you can see the elements of a URL and how it should be for a local business website page that wants to rank for local keywords.

This is another example page I created to rank for “Brighton SEO Services” https://www.clickdo.co.uk/brighton-seo-services

Best practices for Local Business website page URL structuring:

  • Make the URL easily readable – Keyword Focused
  • Make The URL Shorter – So it’s easily readable
  • If you have multiple URLs serving the same content (Or even similar) make sure to canonicalize by using a rel=canonical or a 301 redirect.
  • Have static URLs on your local business web pages
  • Avoid having numbers as that does not make any sense to users or search engines.
  • Use hyphens if you still can get the keyword for your rood domain URL. As I showed on EOT Cleaning website URL > https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk and also https://www.london-junk.co.uk that becomes > https://www.junkhunters.co.uk **Click to https://www.london-junk.co.uk to see the 301.

Hope you got an idea now about what should be the best URL structure for a local business website.

If you would like to learn it step by step seeing how exactly I create local business websites (Even I how I created one of the example websites I mentioned above) get the Local SEO Blueprint and join the UK Rank & Bank society master class at ClickDo Academy.

What is local listing in SEO (All You Need To Know)


Local listings are vital for your local business organic ranks on Google. Especially to get higher ranks on local map pack.


Now you got an idea about what local listings and why it is important for your local business SEO game.

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After reading all the above articles you surely should have got a very good idea about the topic.

I will do a video soon covering about Local Listings and how I do it to get ranks for my clients local business websites.