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SeekaHost PBN Hosting comes with more value in 2020

If you know about SeekaHost, which is the leading private blog networks hosting provider in the world, then this is about the PBN hosting packages




When it comes private blog network hosting (AKA PBN hosting), SeekaHost provides a solution with unique Mulitple IP Hosting and much more affordable solution. It’s same hosting solution ClickDo SEO consultants use for over five years now. 


Many hosting providers in the market stepped up and started to talk shit about C Class Hosting wouldn’t be good enough, but I bet many of them know how to utilize a blog to rank a website. 


In 2020 all you must look after is building unique Blogs on Unique IPs if you are creating a personal blog network that acts and stay with private with you for link building activities. 


If the blogs are built right with great content and aim to add value to the web reader, there are issues with blogs been on shared hosting (However should have unique IPs for each domain) 


Think of this way. 


If you host your blogs on an SEO hosting plan by SeekaHost but gets unique IPs for each blog, there cannot be any footprint or whatsoever issues for your linking money sites. 

I’ve tested over 4000 blogs for PBNs and came to conclusions on what works and what’s now. 


I still rank for “SEO consultant London” on top 3 spots on G for the last four years now, and I know everything about how SEO works. 


Most of those PBN hosting companies (writers) who talks about PBN hosting have not idea how to rank a website or do SEO the right way. So, watch our when you go about listing those SEOs who never ranked but barks about SEO. 


I see many PBN hosting reviews and SEO hosting reviews pops up on Google first page, and most of them review regular shared hosting. Their goal is to get visitors on their site and record non pbn/seo hosting services just to get an affiliate commission from the buyers. 

In this article I will no go about linking to them but if you Google search for “PBN hosting reviews” or “SEO hosting reviews” you will see what I’m talking about. 


If you want to know what is real SEO hosting, this is a review by Bloggers Ideas. He explains what is real and hasn’t gone about listing bunch of other hosting providers on the same. 


Hope you got some ideas about PBN hosting now. 


Now let’s look at the value you get by using SeekaHost. 


When you sign up for blog hosting package, you will get free access to any of the SEO courses at SeekaHost University. 


The Online SEO training course shows you how to start a blog, build it and then do SEO to it step by step. 


The PBN Demystified platform teaches you everything about Private blog networks and how to build them. 


Once you completed your learning or if you are a seasoned SEO consultant, get access to the Local SEO blueprint and learn how to use PBN for SEO in 2020


With that being said, if you have any questions about PBN hosting or how to do SEO in 2020, just email to me to fernando (dot) and I will reply to you personally. 


The latest SeekaHost PBN Blog Hosting Control Panel is the world’s best solution to host private blog networks and easily get online less than 60 seconds. 

You can watch the video below for more details.

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