4 Link Building Techniques To Boost SEO In 2020


When it comes to SEO, linking building is the most important factor to budge the website to the first page of Google. That’s after you do all the best on-page SEO elements right as shown on this video

These 4 link building techniques will help your business website ranks much higher on SERP’s. Basically to boost your ranks to the first page. After coming to the first page there are many ways you can use to rank at higher.

So what are the 4 Link Building Techniques?

  1. Contextual backlinks from relevant content. The link should come to from the same niche as to where it links to. The contextual links should be meaningful.


Based on my research, I’ve found that when the content supportive of the linking page ranks boost.

So if you are linking to rank for “seo consultant”, get the links from another web services blog and the article should talk about SEO consultancy and how it can help business websites.

2. Exchange backlinks with similar websites. This is going to be very helpful and a very cost-effective way. You will just have to exchange some articles and publish on each other’s blogs.  If you like to give a mention from your web page that you wish to rank. As long as it’s not in direct competition, there is no issue.

For example, say you running a cleaning company in London, and you reach out to a cleaning company website owner in Birmingham, and exchange links to each with relevancy.

3. Social promotions to get massive awareness and link support. I did this so much when going about building the SEO consultant brand in the UK. You can check my Facebook page I did to build links in an authentic way. And also be active on Facebook groups and share the URL so people click to it and you will get on page time as well as they will share, tweet.

Ask people on social media, tweet out, share on Facebook, Google plus your URL that you want to rank for.

4. The last one is guest posting, basically, this comes to buying backlinks. You check for website/blogs that take guest posts and reach out to them and ask to post your articles that have the contextual links placed, linking to the websites you want to rank. This is a great way and easily scalable.

You can see how I do guest posting for link building, at the local SEO blueprint. Exactly how I do it to get links that helps my local business owners websites rank higher up on search engines.

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